She was born in Kayseri in 1928. She got married with Ali Rıza Özderici in 1945 and has two daughters and two sons from this marriage. Besime Özderici could not continue her education after primary school, however she has always given priority to education and has led the establishment of many projects on that area. With her vision and intelligence, she has been the most important supporter of Ali Rıza Özderici and promoter of him for charity works.


He got married with Besime ÖZDERİCİ in 1945. He has two daughters and two sons from this marriage. He started private sector iron mining in Yahyalı district in 1949. This firm which was established by him has continued to contribute national economy as the greatest producer company of Turkey in private sector in the field of iron mining since 1980. For about 10 years he had been the president of Kayseri Chamber of Industry and during that time he had contributed to the construction of the largest Organized Industrial Site of Turkey in Kayseri. He has been a successful entrepreneur in Real Estate and Renewable Energy sectors as well as in mining industry, and valuable brands has been included in Turkish economy with his efforts. By saying " How happy those people are who can self-judge themselves before others could judge them", Ali Rıza Özderici considers himself responsible about the needs of the society and aims to impress new generations with the sense of social responsibility. In 2008, he was awarded with "Outstanding Service Award" from Grand National Assembly of Turkey due to the projects and charities he has provided to Turkey. He has established Özderici Foundation in 2015 with Besime Özderici in order to keep and continue the charity works that they provided.




1- Never waste your time or your earnings. Do not let your wealth and properties make you spoiled.

2- Never neglect your family, relatives, friends and your social relationships in order to earn more.

3- Always be aware and take care of your relatives, neighbours, and people you work with who are in need of support. Help and support them in any kind of situation.

4- Never do any job that would embarrass you, never participate in any work that you would be ashamed of or that would make you ashamed of.

5- Learn rules of etiquette and rules of good manners, learn at least one foreign language, know how to use computers and internet well, keep our national and religious values, memorize suras and prays that are read in prayers, learn how to swim and how to play a musical instrument well, learn how to drive, how to dance or folk dance; know the value of your health, never acquire bad habits as smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs.

6- Do not let the feeling of winning take you down to the position of greedy, acquisitive people; know giving as well as gaining, share what you earn with the people in need.

So, you can be a well-trained human and you can become a dutiful and helpful individual for both yourself and our society.