• 1 - To construct children's nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, universities, higher education institutes, culture and sports facilities, conservatoires, institutes, research and application centers, student dormitories and health institutions; to cooperate with organizations that carry out such activities; to join with these organizations, to help in cash or in kind to them.

  • 2 - To provide domestic or international scholarships to successful students or teachers who have insufficient financial resources and will study in the educational facilities or stay in the dormitories; to help in cash and/or in kind to them; to meet their sheltering and nutrition needs, to give all support to them so they could have education and improve in their fields;

  • 3 - To construct educational facilities and life centers for disabled young people to help them gain knowledge and skills, to organize courses and seminars for them;

  • 4 - To provide maintenance and repair of the charity institutions made by Özderici Family or by third bodies, to provide continuation of these by making donations in cash or in kind; to open and run sports facilities, holiday camps for students;

  • 5 - To construct facilities for children's nurseries, kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, higher education schools, to make these facilities constructed, to buy these facilities as ready to serve, to make amendments, additions, repairment on these facilities, to sell those who became insufficient in respect of their aim, to rent them, to hire such places which are proper for the intention;

  • 6 - To construct, to run residential facilities and nursing home facilities for old aged people and patients, to make these facilities run by others; to help in cash or in kind to such facilities; to construct, to repair residential facilities and aged care facilities, to make these facilities constructed;